Davis takes top nod at shooting match

Posted: Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug. 14 was not only a beautiful day for the Golden North Salmon Derby, but it was also a beautiful day for the monthly Juneau Gun Club's monthly registered shotgun meet. This month's meet was shot under the rules of the Amateur Trap Association (ATA of America) with cross-over allowed to the Pacific International Trap Association (PITA). Three events were fired in three classes of ability: A, B and C. The events were singles (the shot gunner is shooting at a moving clay bird released 16 yards from the shooter), handicap (the shot gunner is shooting at a moving clay bird released 20 to 27 yards from the shooter, depending on his/her class) and doubles (the shot gunner is shooting at two moving clay bird released in different directions 16 yards from the shooter).

The winners in each event and fellow participants were as follows:

Doubles: Jay Davis, A-class winner (90/100); Pete Hudson, B-class winner (80/100) and C-class winner Hank Masters (75/100). Other shooters included Fred Wilson (83/100); Steve Bennett (82/100); Wayne Berthol, (79/100); Bud Burnett, (76/100); Mal Menzies, (73/100) and Dr. Jones, (42/100).

Singles: Jay Davis, A-class winner (95/100). Other A-class participants were, Pete Hudson, (94/100); Hank Masters (93/100) and Mal Menzies (87/100).

The C-class included Bud Burnett, winner (96/100); Steve Bennett (91/100); Wayne Berthol (90/100); Fred Wilson (90/100); Dennis Travis (86/100) and Dr. Jones (83/100).

Handicap: The long yardage shooters (23-27 yards from the trap release house) were Hank Masters winner (91/100); Wayne Berthol (86/100) and Jay Davis (80/100).

The short-yardage shooters (20-22.5 yards) were Bud Burnett, winner (88/100); Mal Menzies (84/100); Fred Wilson (80/100); Dennis Travis (79/100) and Dr. Jones (79/100).

Overall Top Score Winners: The overall meet winner was Jay Davis shooting a 265/300 and the runner-up was "Bud" Burnett who shot 260/100.

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