A visitor's opinion of Southeast's highway

Posted: Monday, August 21, 2000

Visiting Alaska from California, I just had the pleasure of traveling your ferry system from Juneau to Haines and back. From the smooth comfort, near punctuality, smiling crew and good food to the incredible views it was an extraordinary, unforgettable opportunity.

Yet I heard that some people want a car road built to Haines and Skagway. What for? You have a road a world-class highway Lynn Canal, the Inside Passage and the ferries a perfect system. Wouldn't a new road cost a lot of money and be unusable or unsafe part of the year?

Why stop relying on your unique marine highway? It's inspiring to think there's one place in our country not enslaved by the private automobile. Californians are starting to struggle against it; why voluntarily submit yourselves to the same yoke? Why knock Southeast Alaska off its proud pedestal?

Victoria N. Hoover


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