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Posted: Tuesday, August 21, 2001

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I am extremely dismayed at the recent turn of events regarding the former wastewater treatment plant debacle. Despite what some in high political positions might claim, a crime is a crime and a plea of guilty is usually an indication of culpability. But to add insult to injury, not only did this man compromise the health of this community, now the community gets to pay his legal fees. I find the timing of the recent increase in our sewage bills stinks as badly as the treatment plant itself. This is wrong and it's an outrage. People of Juneau wake up and smell the sewage. The real stench is at City Hall.

Melanie Mickelson

It's very hard to find old-fashioned service today in many of our stores in town but I had a very pleasant experience this morning and they deserve kudos. And that's at the new Capital Service Gas Station. Not only did I get a grease job and an oil change on my car, but when it was completed, they washed my windows inside and out and vacuumed the inside of a very large van. I thought that was just fantastic and I can assure you I'll go back there again.

David Tobias

Fred Howard's retirement from the Juneau Empire as circulation manager left me with some concern. Although his replacement received much fanfare in print from the Empire, Fred's departure went un-mentioned, his 25 years-plus of service apparently unnoticed, his unique style of leadership, which engendered loyalty, professionalism and sense of service to the consumer by his circulation crew, unspoken.

Therefore I'll take this opportunity to thank Fred Howard on behalf of myself and many within the community who have received excellent delivery service during his tour as circulation manager including the high standards he raised for his crew in improving (dry papers, reliable delivery time) customer satisfaction. I wish him well in all of his future endeavors and close this with a sincere thank you, Fred.

Pat Carothers

(Fred's service to readers and subscribers was appreciated by his colleagues as well as by his customers. We expressed our thanks to him personally; we thank you for acknowledging his efforts in this way. Editor)

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