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Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2002

During this year's gubernatorial campaign, some people have asked me why Frank Murkowski would want to switch from serving Alaska as senator to serving Alaska as governor. Even after I've given them my answer, it was obvious a few still weren't convinced I was telling them "the whole truth." Fortunately, today I found all those queries answered on the Murkowski's campaign Web site, in a section entitled, "Why is our U.S. Senator Running for Governor?"

The article ends with a very poignant statement in which Murkowski says, "I seek the office of Governor to build Alaska's future, not a political career." I urge anyone interested in information on this candidate to go to his Web site as there are other accomplishments you might find interesting.

I guess I would like to turn the question to the voters and ask, "Why would the citizens of the state of Alaska not want to elect Murkowski as governor? We overwhelmingly elected him to the U.S. Senate on four occasions. The times now demand that we need his kind of experience, strength, vision and leadership working for us closer to home. We are all the more fortunate that we have the chance to have a governor who we know is more interested in helping Alaskans build a brighter future than in building up a political resume.

While there may be other candidates, I see no better choice. Frank Murkowski is an experienced Alaska leader who is willing to return to his home state and work with and for us to get Alaska back on track. Join me in voting for Frank Murkowski for governor.

Kate Ballenger


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