Ethical hunting

Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Are any Juneauites concerned by the outrages treatment, by some, of the local wildlife? One "trapper" exterminated the wolves on Douglas Island! One "hunter" boasts of killing the last brown bear on Douglas Island and another tells of saving a shell by power boating up to a swimming deer and clubbing it to death. Other "hunters" cut the back straps out of several deer and dumped the carcasses along the north highway. Someone else shot a couple of deer along the Eagle Crest road and salvaged nothing. Now "licensed" drivers are squashing porcupines and crushing bear cubs. The ADF&G says that wolf/bear extermination is legal. The JPD is so busy publishing "bear encounter" reports that they don't have time to patrol our roads. Are we living in Eden, Armageddon or Oz?

Skagway had its Committee of 101 to get rid of Soapy Smith. Perhaps Juneau needs a Committee of 10,010 to get rid of its riff-raff. Where are you Cindy? MADD needs you but so does PETA. Ethical hunting is one thing but slaughter is something else!

Lowell Barrick


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