Tough crowd

Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2003

In response to Mr. Lowry's letter on the postal service let me relate something that occurred years ago when I lived in North Pole.

I noticed we had not received mail for a number of days. After about five days I called the Fairbanks post office. I was informed that we had not received mail because the person who delivered mail to our area had died. I asked the postmaster what that had to do with the mail being delivered and he repeated that the carrier had died.

When I told him I did not care if he personally had to deliver the mail, he reacted as if I had insulted him. So much for the postal system. I doubt the attitude has changed over the years. Their quasi-government agency, protected status gives them license to perform in ways that would put them out of business in short order were they forced to compete with private carriers.

As for bulk mail advertising, next time you are at the post office take note of much of it is overflowing the lobby trashcans.

Ed Finnesey

Kingman, Ariz.

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