A road to a mine

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Murkowski administration is angling to spend a massive amount of Alaskans' (and all Americans') tax dollars on a sleight of hand called the Juneau Access Project. It is contrary to state law to build roads that benefit a single industry; and yet I believe that is exactly what this administration intends. This project design is for three phases of construction. Why does the first phase coincidentally end at the Kensington Mine holdings?

The Kensington gold mine project is poised to begin a 20-plus-year operation and would dearly love a road link to Juneau. Gov. Murkowski would love to help the industry. My guess is that there will not be a phase two or phase three built. While I am not against mining or roads in general, I think this is a clear case of deceit and budget manipulation on a grand scale, all at the citizen's expense. Do a little investigating. This one smells.

Gene Kennedy


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