Palin stumping work reeks of good ol' boy politics

Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2008

Give me a break. Does Sarah Palin have so little to do in her duties as governor of Alaska that she has time to stump for her "buddy" Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell? It certainly seems that way.

I find it distasteful and tacky that the governor decided that we Alaskans want to know who her choice is for congressional representative. She has involved herself in a political race in which she is not a candidate and it reeks of good ol' boy politics. This is one Alaskan who feels she should let Alaskans decide for themselves what we want.

She should wait until election day and cast her vote privately instead of publicly endorsing her lieutenant governor every 15 minutes on television commercials.

The irony is with the ethics questions swirling around Palin currently, Parnell may be sorry to have her public support.

Cynthia Gordon


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