Angered Americans are saying no to Obamacare

Posted: Friday, August 21, 2009

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." -Mark Twain

You know, they really don't get it. Just when you think the Obama administration couldn't possibly prove itself more out of touch with Middle America, some transcendent remark or policy issues from Washington, D.C, are proving that happy ignorance is the bulwark shielding this government from reality.

Democrat politicians holding "town hall meetings" are being shouted down, escorted from the building by security and followed by seething crowds. At least one has been hung in effigy, and many future town hall meetings have been canceled by politicians not wanting to face the music. This is certainly an interesting development. Our politicians have experienced nothing of the like in, say, 240 years, when groups like the Sons of Liberty occasionally made life uncomfortable for the ruling elite.

On close examination, it appears that the crowds' anger is more than justified. After the massive federal bailouts, staggering job loss, the outsourcing of American industry, a collapsing economy, an illegal alien tidal surge, the gloves-off assault on civil rights ... of course John and Jane Q. Public are wound up. What thinking person wouldn't be? But the Obama administration has spun such outrage as a concerted, well-funded exercise in rabble rousing. So, veterans, moms and pops, and young people who care about the domino effect of a national crises have all been declared "extremists." Some assume they are easily incited to rage by a manipulative right-wing cabal. Kind of takes you back to those halcyon days of Hillary Clinton's "vast, right-wing conspiracy," doesn't it.

The Tax Day Tea Parties of April 15, a one-day event which thankfully spawned an ongoing movement, showed openly that conservative Americans - the backbone of our country - are fed up. Participants in the protests numbered in the tens of thousands nationwide, and were derided by both government and big media as wackos, racists and fools.

Recent history shows the administration learned nothing in the interim. From the Defense Department's training handbook, which listed lawful protests as "low-level terrorism," to the recent DHS document about "right-wing extremism" that lists anti-abortionists, those who believe in the U.S. Constitution, and returning Iraq War veterans as possible candidates for terrorism recruitment, the Obama administration has shown itself repeatedly to be hostile to the idea of a free speech America. Now, the White House has a new and improved snitch-on-your-enemy Web site, asking Americans to report instances of "disinformation" or anything "fishy" coming from online dissenters of Obamacare. You can send your concerns to this site by e-mailing Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, was so alarmed by this Stalinesque maneuver on the part of the White House that he wrote a letter of inquiry to President Obama asking for an immediate explanation for the compilation of this "enemies list."

According to the new web ad put out by the Democratic National Committee, you're also part of an "angry mob" out to "destroy president Obama". See it on YouTube, and remember it well. Perhaps Rep. David Scott, D-Ga., had already viewed it just prior to his shouting down of constituent and physician Brian Hill, who stood up to question his representative's position on Obamacare. The undisguised rage on the congressman's face tells its own story. It's Hill's fault, actually. A serf should know his place.

So, now you know where you stand.

Calling these town hall protesters stupid, gullible, fanatic, "hired", misinformed, and potentially violent is sure to backfire. It will cement in people's minds just what they have suspected, or known about this administration, but couldn't prove. Until now, that is.

The Obamacare protests taking place in Anchorage last Monday are just the beginning here. Alaska needs to assert its sovereignty in this era of federal intrusion. This socialized medical program is just one facet of an overarching ideology. In the few months it's been in power, the Obama administration has run roughshod over conservative ideals, traditions and values. And it has expressed shock at the refusal of Middle America to bow the knee.

They'd better get used to it. America is again finding its voice, and it still cries freedom.

• Kevin Reeves is a Haines resident.

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