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Posted: Tuesday, August 22, 2000

For those parents who haven't yet registered your kids for school do it now. Class budgets will be confirmed before school starts. Don't make your child create hardships in the classroom. Register your kids now.

I'd like to thank all the workers repaving Egan Drive for putting in such long hours and for doing such a beautiful job. Traffic flow has been very smooth; the road will be much safer in the winter. Thanks again.

I just wanted to say that I think they've done a really great job on the roads, but I'm curious on my way out the road from Douglas, I counted like nine big lumps of tar. I think the roads are great, but I'm wondering, are they going to pick up these big lumps you run over and mess up your car with?

Dennis Egan needs to either paint or get off the ladder. This community needs leadership and perhaps that is somebody from the past.

Hearing that Jamie Parsons filed for mayor means that it's Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee. It's status quo either way.

If Jamie is clueless enough to believe that he can ignore the opponents of industrial tourism, maybe he should just back out now.

To the adult female or teen-ager who was at the swimming pool last night: Please call the police and return the $500 and my best friend's wedding set you stole. You broke her heart and you put me out of food and gas to get to work.

Local bus riders who want to restrict or eliminate tourists on Capital Transit parallel Alaskans who think they should have a priority say in usage of national parks, forests and wilderness areas in this state.

This is my retort to those that continue to complain about tourists riding the Capital City transit. I originally commented that the danger to this country is ignorance, and my point is proven. You're ignorant commenting that I don't ride the Capital Transit buses. In fact, I do. And I do see tourists as well as locals on the bus.

Capital Transit is the best-kept secret solution to the transportation issues facing Juneau. More buses and more frequent service could help traffic and parking problems in the downtown area. Call your assembly members and let them know you want Capital Transit service increased.

I don't use Capital Transit buses, so I hearby dedicate the taxes I pay toward the bus system to a seat for tourists. They may have my seat at any time, so you locals please stay out of it and treat that tourist like one of your own.

In regards to all those overcrowded capital transit buses and those tourists who don't have a seat, much less the people who live in Juneau: I've got the perfect answer. We should give everyone a mule. No gasoline lines, no congestion on the Egan highway, everyone would be happy.

I've been home from college this summer and I went to the Haines Fair. I think it's pointless to waste time waiting around for the ferry in the parking lot and stuff, and I think that you should build the road as soon as you can to make travel more cheap so we can live a more normal life.

I read with interest the Monday letter to the editor. A visitor from California comes to Juneau by, I assume, an airplane or cruise ship, takes a day trip from Juneau to Haines and back with no mention of a car, and is now qualified to give advice on the adequacy of our transportation system.

The tourists aren't the problem. They leave at the end of the year.

I want to agree with the comments recently about the terrible service at the downtown post office. If I had known service was so horrible I would have purchased a post office box at one of the other offices. The management as well as the clerks need some training in customer service.

You know, I'm almost embarrassed to go down south and say I'm from Juneau with all this whining. Go to another town and see how you're treated, and tell them you're from Juneau.

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