Juneau cable station to offer CBS programming

Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2002

CBS fans could be switching channels soon to find their favorite shows on Channel 24.

That's where Juneau's newest television station, KTNL, begins broadcasting CBS programming this week as a network affiliate. Within two to three months KTNL expects to be on GCI cable as the only CBS station in Juneau, replacing KIRO from Seattle.

"We're certainly excited to be representing the No. 1 network in the market," said Andrew Tierney, general manager of Green TV of Anchorage, which owns the Juneau station along with stations in Sitka and Ketchikan.

"Juneau's kind of the last piece of the Southeast Alaska puzzle," Tierney said. "The real advantages are going to be realized on the sales side. The opportunity to advertise on CBS in Juneau wasn't available unless you wanted to pay KIRO Seattle rates."

The Juneau station will be staffed with an engineer, operations manager and salesperson, working out of the office at 3161 Channel Drive alongside Taku 105.

"We clearly look to bring more people on board as the station moves forward," Tierney said.

KTNL has been broadcasting on Channel 24 since March, carrying programming from the PAX network. PAX is a national network specializing in family-friendly shows, without nudity, lewdness or vulgarity.

This week the station switches to standard CBS programming, including "Touched by an Angel" and "CSI." PAX shows will continue to be shown in the afternoon, when networks generally don't provide programming, so affiliates fill in with syndicated shows.

"There's a lot of judge shows and Jerry Springer-type shows, and PAX provides the viewer with a 180-degree alternative," Tierney said. "Some of television is perceived to be unsavory, and PAX gives the viewer an alternative that is free of sex, violence and foul language."

Tierney is negotiating with an Anchorage broadcaster to provide statewide newscasts to the three Southeast stations.

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