Looking for a job? Neatness, spelling do count

Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2002

Tips for applying for a first job:

Without a resume or references, getting the first job is one of the hardest. The key is to present well what you do have, according to Sue Luckey, who has hired many teen-agers for their first jobs at Super Bear Supermarket.

Employers are looking to hire teens who will be responsible workers, and they'll be basing that on the application and interview.

"If they're out there dropping off applications they might want to make sure every word is spelled correctly, because (employers) are looking at that," Luckey said. "Especially if there's nothing else to look at."

In interviews, Luckey tries to determine how available a potential teen worker will be. It's important to arrive on time.

"I ask them questions like, 'Do your parents approve of your working? How are you doing in school? What sports are you playing?' " Luckey said. "It's just for availability."

Appearances also matter, no matter what the job. "Don't show up in yucky clothes, especially for your interview. Dress appropriately," Luckey said.

At Super Bear the bag boys are required to wear a shirt and tie, and the girls are expected to dress professionally.

Persistence also pays off, because employers see it as a sign that a potential worker really wants the job and will do what's needed to keep it.

"It's the ones that keep coming back and asking that get the job," Luckey said.

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