Not real hunters

Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2002

The wanton waste of wildlife in the Juneau area sickens me.

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Ethical hunting

I have also heard many negative and even derogatory comments by tourists and those in the tourism industry regarding the "un-Alaskan" and "totally unsportsman" behavior of the so-called "hunters" in Juneau.

Juneauites would do well to wake up to the fact that cruelty to animals is almost always a precursor to violent behavior toward humans. The person who would run over porcupine, crush bear cubs, or waste deer is a person who will abuse a child, spouse or the next-door neighbors.

Juneau is small enough that nothing stays secret for long. These "hunters" are obviously too stupid and arrogant to be able to stay secretive. It is long past time for community-wide education regarding violent behavior and its consequences. It is long past time for Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Juneau police to quit fussing over the tourists who misplace their cameras and the bears that are raiding the garbage. If JPD and ADF&G can't be bothered to keep their own nest (Juneau) clean, perhaps Mr. Barrick's "Committee of 10,010" really is needed.

J.L. Murphy


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