Out of touch?

Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2002

Does your incumbent for state office favor the "closed primary"? To find out, go to the "Watchdog Page" on the Alaska Voters Organization web site (http://www.akvoters.org/). There you will find how legislators voted on HB 193, the bill which closed all party primaries within our state.

Next we should ask all challengers what their position is on this issue. The two questions that beg to be asked are: "Do you support the current closed primary legislation and how will the closed primary benefit voters of Alaska?" If you get some rhetoric about open primaries being bad for their party, it should be a red flag for any thinking voter. If they indicated being in favor of the closed primary, they may be completely out of touch with the general public.

According to an Alaska Voters Organization survey taken in June 2002, 71 percent of the people were against a closed primary. In a separate question, 76.5 percent felt political parties should pay the extra expense of closed primaries.

On Tuesday, Aug. 27, we must all judge for ourselves who these candidates will really be representing when the 23rd Legislature convenes. If you are not comfortable with the candidate's response to these important questions, maybe it's time to look at a different ballot?

Roxie M. Little


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