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Posted: Friday, August 22, 2003

... for your donations

Special thanks and heartfelt appreciation for the donations that you made to the Healing Heart Ceremony that took place in Wrangell from July 10 to 12. The families and friends of Sheryl and Shandelle Nelson, Adrienne Nore and Leah Comer Beck, as well as the Healing Heart Committee, will lovingly remember your contributions. The amount of healing that took place in those few days had a profound affect on our hearts, which feel much lighter now. The help that you gave will be remembered in the days ahead.

We wish to thank the following: ANB, ANS, American Legion, Avenues, First Bank, Victims for Justice, Wrangell Cooperative Association, Wrangell Senior Center, Wrangell Wellness Program, Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska Tribal Wellness Program, Wrangell Police Department, USDA Forest Service Wrangell Ranger District, Office of the Governor, State of Alaska Alaska Marine Highway, Tim Murray, Marc Wright, Mark Walker, Stan Marsden, Annette Marsden Sharpe, Alice Hadsel, Chuck Van Kirk, George Cappaci, Jack Meyers, Carol Totten, Loretta Rice, Samira Samimi-Moore, Terry Davenport, John and Lynn Feller, Keex' Kwaan Dancers, Spirit Dancers, Wrangell JOM Dancers, Shxaatkwan Dancers, Ruth Demmert, Justin McDonald, Wrangell Salvation Army, Gary and Nancy Hegre, Episcopal Church, Father Mike Curran, Presbyterian Church, John and Mary Bartholomew, Florence Rinehart, Caroline Demmert, Bob Merwick, James Hardiek, Priscilla Peele, Elmer Makua, Merry Warner Armin, Willard and Mary Jones, Evelyn Williams, Martha Bradley, National Spiritual Assembly of Baha's of Alaska, Betty Newman, Marzieh Schenk, Ron Chadwick, Rocky Baldwin, Presbyterian Youth Hostel, Betty and Kjell Nore, Kris and Dan Reed, Kay Larson, Brian Ashton, Karin McCullough, Barbra Lewis, Marge Byrd, Henrietta and Ken Hoyt, Vickie Buness Taylor, Jamie Stough and Larisa Byrd, Rudy Briskar, Merry Warner Armin, Selina Everson, Lovey Brock, Leilani Kito, Jeanette Ness, Christine Jenkins, Carol and Scotty Brady, Mike Schwartz, Lance Ingle, Cindy Demmert Gamble, Deneise Weyhmiller, Dinah Aceveda, Paul Aceveda, Gary Albert Stevens, Mike Jackson, Morgan Joseph, Willy Eyon, Albert Rinehart, Georgia Finau, Teri Kozeroff, Tommy Rooney, Aaron Hansen, Naomi Fowler, Richard Oliver, Larry Simpson, Walt Stevens, Joseph M. Yerhot, Dawn Hutchinson, Rene McDonald, Louise Bradley, Sue Ritchie, Donna Kuntz, Carla Smith, Missy Wright, Marca Knapp Jackson, Teddy V. Williams, Stephanie James and all the people who donated food, and any others who contributed in any way. Gunalche'esh hoho!

Susan G. Stevens,

Louella Knapp,

Virginia Oliver,

Dr. Alexander James

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