A victim of an attack responds to shooting

Posted: Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I am a victim of attempted murder by my former husband. I was stabbed several times in the neck. Some say he "snapped" when I wanted out of our marriage. His abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs did not help his emotions. Instead, because he "loved me so much" - the same thing Werna Biggler said about her ex-boyfriend Randall Clevenger in Sunday's Juneau Empire article, "A life of violent threats" - my husband tried to kill me.

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I am lucky that I survived the attack. My young child came to my aid and dialed 911 and became my hero that terrible morning. Believe me, I would rather have had a trained uniformed police officer be the responder who saved me. A young child should never have to witness such an awful attack.

Biggler is very lucky she did not become a victim of a murder or major assault. I hope all of the families find peace and healing.

To the Juneau police officer who shot Clevenger, I respect his decision to follow through with what he was trained to do.

Carrie Bauer


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