Trooper discipline should be investigated

Posted: Friday, August 22, 2008

I want to start by saying I am not a Republican, a Palin staff member, or related to the Palin family.

What I am saying is if the internal Alaska State Troopers investigators had done their job and had not been influenced by their powerful union, the public would not be exposed to the current witch-hunt. When a trooper can make threats to do bodily harm to an individual, drink in his patrol car, Taser an 11-year-old, and break the law by taking a moose with another persons' permit - and he receives only a five day suspension - something is terribly wrong.

I forgot to mention that a Palmer bartender, who witnessed the number of drinks Wooten consumed, called the police to report he was driving under the influence. Wooten was stopped by a fellow officer, but was not tested. Do you think you would be tested, if a bartender called the police to report you driving under the influence?

The $100,000 plus should be spent on investigating how the troopers discipline their ranks. I am a union man, but some individuals need to be fired, to keep them from tainting the rest.

Dave Stone


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