Reduce dominance of special interests

Posted: Friday, August 22, 2008

Ballot Measure 3 is pretty simple. If you want to continue with special interest money dominating our election system, you probably won't support it. If you want less influence from special interest money, real competition for ideas and issues and a better democracy, vote yes.

Public funding for campaigns, known as Clean Elections, is a voluntary add-on to our current election system. The Clean Elections system has proven to encourage more and better candidates, including more women and lower income candidates, while reducing the influence of special interests. Candidates who choose to raise private funds can continue to do so under the current system.

Browse for more information and read page 41 in the voter pamphlet.

Join Walter Hickel, Tony Knowles, Arliss Sturgulewski, Vic Fischer, Jim Whitaker, John Havelock, AARP, the Alaska Women's Political Caucus, and many other Alaskans from across the political spectrum and vote yes on 3. Make Alaska's election system the best it can be.

Jim Sykes


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