Community thanked for Andrews search

Posted: Friday, August 22, 2008

The family and friends of Brian and Brandon Andrews are immeasurably important to them, and have been extremely helpful to our family since Brian and Brandon went missing on Aug. 9. An enormous thank you goes out to everyone who has supported us throughout our search efforts.

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Courtesy Andrews Family
Courtesy Andrews Family

While the U.S. Coast Guard and the family still plan on responding to reports of Brandon, Brian, and N9350X, the daily search activities in the area from Young's Lake to Juneau Airport have been suspended. Therefore, garnering information from individuals regarding the plane's disappearance will become even more valuable as time progresses.

Of course, for anyone who knows Brian and Brandon, it will come as no surprise that the word that best describes them is loving. They have so much love to give - to their family, their friends, and to Juneau, their community. They have a passion for life that cannot be superseded by the circumstances that resulted in their recent vanishing.

They are Alaskans, outdoorsmen, pilots, skiers, hikers, bikers and adventurers. Both Brandon and Brian are extremely smart and experts in their professional fields.

Brian, of course, is the Deputy Commissioner for the Alaska Department of Revenue and has 13 years of experience with the department as either comptroller or deputy commissioner. He is the most qualified individual in this state for his role.

Brandon is a software engineer by training and works in Juneau for the AKFIN Project as a database manager tracking the state's fish resources.

Moreover, Brian and Brandon are the best friends that any mother or wife, brother, sister, or girlfriend could ask for. They are the best friends that any colleague or associate could ask for. And they are the best of friends to their many friends.

The family intends to extend individual thank you's to numerous individuals, more than are listed here, but initially we would like to thank:

The U.S. Coast Guard Sector Juneau, Command Center, Commander Lemasters, Lieutenant Byron Hayes, Lieutenant Christopher Williammee, Alaska State Troopers, Sergeants Dobson and Umbs, the Civil Air Patrol, Ken Nestler, the Alaska Army National Guard, Juneau Mountain Rescue, Karl and Kaitlyn Bausler, Tim Arness, Coastal Helicopters, Mike Wilson and Shane, Temsco Helicopters, Mitch, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, Ruth Danner, Shawn Lew, Rose Duran, Karen Emberton, the Alaska Department of Revenue, Pat Galvin, Chapel By The Lake, Jenny and Cheyenne Lofton, Claudia and Mark Rackley and Erin May, Matt Stedman, Dene Ensley, Marcus and Sam Trivette and Jodee Deutsch, Wendy Williams, Wayne Nichols and family, Betsy and Scott Fisher, Sharon and Bruce Denton, Cori Hondolero, Kelli Anderson, Brant Oliphant, all the wonderful people who have donated meals, Paul and Jaime Kissner, Rob McKnight, anyone else who went up in an aircraft, Chris Miller, anyone else who went out on foot looking; we know there are many, The Dihle's, anyone who went out on a boat looking, Louis Ulmer and Jody Daniels.

And all those we inadvertently missed. Thank you.

Joyce, B.J., and Nikki Andrews,and Veida Forrest

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