My turn failed to point out positives of Douglas Crossing

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Aug. 11 My Turn was interesting to say the least. The author pointed out some valid issues with the second crossing proposal. Unfortunately, I am strongly opposed to views that are strongly opposed to something that might be for the community's best interest.

Let me state here and now, I am neither for nor against the second crossing. I have lived on North Douglas for 28 years and the drive is just fine. It gives me a chance to relax from the day's work.

What was failed to be mentioned was some of the pros if the second crossing were built. Would I like to get to the airport in five minutes? Sometimes, you bet. Would it be nice to have a first aid vehicle, a fire truck or the police here in five minutes instead of 20? If needed, absolutely!

There were references made regarding the wetland issues. We, as a state, have the right to develop 1 percent of our coastal areas and wetlands. Should this not be the case for Alaska as it has been for every other state? Alaska has developed one-tenth of 1 percent of these lands. So by law, as long as it is done correctly, we can develop 90 percent more than we already have. By law! And as far as the migration of birds, if the airport shooting "flash bang" shells does not impede the migration of birds, I doubt whether an additional crossing or another road would have an impact. Building Egan Drive certainly did not.

There was a mention of road repairs. If a second crossing was built, I know most of Egan Drive would have less traffic. My neighbors traveling to the valley for work and also the skiers driving to Eaglecrest, just to name a couple, would definitely ease traffic congestion. Less wear on the roads, less fuel burned and less pollution. A win-win scenario.

The sales tax referred to will not be added, just extended. The City and Borough of Juneau has used this 1 percent tax for several years on many different projects.

In conclusion, whoever approved the permitting of the fuel tank farm as close to the only bridge to Douglas Island should have had their head examined. One mishap on that site and the second crossing would be the only crossing.

Just equal time from an old North Douglas dweller.

Steve Irwin

North Douglas

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