School board candidate Margo Waring withdraws

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

Former school board member Margo Waring, who filed for candidacy this week, withdrew her name from the running on Friday.

"I became a candidate when I saw that there were only two candidates running for the board, because I know how important it is to have competitive races where a wide range of issues can be discussed," Waring said in an e-mail. "With the last minute entrance of an additional candidate, I feel confident that a competitive race will happen and that the community has a choice of candidates in this election."

Waring said she is glad to see that Barbara Thurston is running for the board because of Thurston's involvement with school issues.

"I encourage those who may be disappointed by my action to support Barbara Thurston, as I will, in her candidacy," Waring wrote. "I will continue to serve the school district, as I have during the past two years, by focusing on specific issues, such as pre-K education. I want to thank all everyone who has helped and supported me."

Waring's withdrawal leaves three candidates vying for two school board seats: Thurston, Ivan Nance and Kim Poole.

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