Temperatures rising at McPhetres Hall

Posted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

I would like to express, on behalf of the Capital Campaign Committee for Holy Trinity-McPhetres Hall, our gratitude for the outpouring of support to help us meet the required match for foundation grants. With the community's help, we have met the $100,000 match for the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust grant, and are very close to meeting the requirement for the Rasmuson Foundation grant. As those of you who have been approached by this group know, one dollar of qualifying contributions raises $5 in Rasmuson funds.

We are, however, just under $8,000 short of our qualifying fund goal, and thus would like to invite a few members of the community to help push the ball over the goal line.

If you drive up Gold St., you'll notice the "thermometer" being peeled away continually toward the top of the gauge. We'd like to invite the next group of donors to join us as we complete the "peel-off" and add a suitable banner of some sort to the effect that we are now ready to complete the buildout, as the contractors are already back hard at work.

The support from the arts community, and specifically Theatre in the Rough, has been fantastic. Who would ever have expected in our rather small community that we would have not only a great partner to finish up the Holy Trinity complex, but a long list of arts and other groups lined up to use it, some of whom already have used the sanctuary on the main floor. Folk Festival groups jammed at the church, Byron McGilvray held his mid-summer vocal festival at the church, Philippe Damerval, Kathleen Wayne, and several other outstanding musicians have performed...but the best is yet to come!

Once the Rasmuson grant is disbursed, the theater downstairs will be fully completed, fitted out and the accompanying rooms (including rehearsal space/meeting room, the Mustard Seed and the green room) will be completed. The only remaining space to be completed (apart from the Rasmuson funds) will be the kitchen, which already has a different fund-raising effort starting.

Although the space is still a "construction zone," we invite members of the community who want to know what has been completed and what is yet to be completed to call the church office at 586-3532 for more information, or stop by 416 Harris St., Ste. #205. If you would still like to make a donation, you can do so by sending it to Holy Trinity-McPhetres campaign at the above address, or by visiting www.trinityjuneau.org.

Thank you, Juneau, for helping make this dream a reality.

John Robertson

For the Holy Trinity-McPhetres

Campaign Committee

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