The capital move card

Posted: Thursday, August 23, 2001

It's sad to see that our beleaguered mayor was compelled to throw a bone to the tax and spend, road-at-all-costs zealots who have recently taken over the pages of the Juneau Empire, but it's not that surpassing. Those obsessed with a road to Skagway can't win the debate on environmental, economic, or electoral grounds, so they play the only card they have left, the capital move, and to hell with the consequences.

Spending money to finish the Juneau access road EIS is wasteful, insulting to Juneau voters who rejected the road, and contrary to the "love thy neighbor concept" supposedly supported by our leaders. Maybe some folks at city hall have forgotten, but Skagway and Haines don't want the road.

The reality is, a small, vocal, and politically powerful minority here in Juneau wants to cut down lots of trees, dig many holes in the ground, and blacktop our beautiful backcountry, and they will use the hardest hardball tactics to get their way.

The fact is, if we were truly good neighbors, we would abide by the wishes of the voters, listen to the concerns of our friends up Lynn Canal, and while we're at it, consider giving our unneeded and unwanted EIS money to Wrangell and Coffman Cove for the ferry they actually want and definitely deserve.

Tim Bristol


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