Tourism message line 'complaints'

Posted: Thursday, August 23, 2001

I recently had the opportunity of reviewing a summary of the Tourism Message Line and I would like to share some of my observations.

Whether we like it or not, the message line is construed as a "complaint" line. In item C of the summary it appears that the CBJ Office of Tourism has that same outlook. If you will note, they use the word "complain" on four different occasions when referring to calls made in regard to the operators. When talking about operator responses, it reads as though the operators are not to be believed when they respond honestly as to the type of flights that are being "complained" about. I have a copy of the Call Details by category and the summary leaves no space to indicate that some flights are for medevac, several were to say thank you, at least two were pilot training, one was an "out of town" helicopter and some were for regular helicopter maintenance flights.

I have asked the CBJ Assembly and the City Department of Tourism to clarify the types of calls to the Message Line as they are not always complaints. They need to eliminate the appearance that the operator insist they are right. Perhaps the CBJ Tourism Office needs to stop offering a "commentary" and simply let the calls be what they are. I would also like to suggest that the number of calls made by each caller number should be noted. I think we might find that only one or two make the majority of calls. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by the operators harassing the people in the community they work and live in.

Lest there be any question, I moved to Juneau in 1982 and have been involved in Southeast tourism nearly all of that time. During that time, tourism has provided a substantial portion of my income on either a part- or full-time basis. I make this request as a resident, concerned citizen and as an employee making her living in the industry.

Bea Findlay


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