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Posted: Thursday, August 23, 2001

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The composer of the front page headline of Wednesday's Empire doesn't understand the importance of subsistence to Alaskan Natives. It is so much more than "Putting Food on the Table." After watching the Subsistence Summit on TV for two days, I had a much expanded understanding of its meaning as the essential economic and spiritual core of a village - beyond food, clothing and tools. The subsistence way of life, bound by culture and tradition, must be respected and protected for Native people by all Alaskans. We should support a vote on an amendment to the state constitution providing for rural priority

Dixie Hood

I guess that Chris Zimmer has no idea about progress. The proposed mining operation will be watched so much by "his group" that it will probably never happen, even though it would be good for the economy of both Canada and Alaska.

Bob Spath

In response to H.R. McGinnis' letter, I would like to remind him that what was central to the ordinance that the Assembly passed was that you cannot put out your garbage until 4 a.m. in the morning. He complained that at 1 a.m. he got a knock on the door from the police. Well, the police are doing their job enforcing the garbage ordinance because it's not a bear problem, it's a garbage problem. I just like to remind him that you cannot place your garbage until 4 in the morning. And if more people do that, things would get better soon. And so I applaud the Juneau Police Department for doing their work and hopefully they are handing out more tickets.

Mark Farmer

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