Murkowski growing

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2004

"Most people elected to the U.S. Senate grow. But some just swell up." I remember Sen. Malcolm Wallop of Wyoming saying that several years ago.

Having dealt with various senators (and representatives) in Washington, D.C. while working for the State of Alaska on the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act in the 1970s, I could appreciate both the truth and the humor in Sen. Wallop's observation. I later learned that his observation applies equally well in Alaska's political arena.

And, I learned to tell the difference between politicians who "grow," and those who just "swell up" - with their own self-importance.

I've been watching Sen. Lisa Murkowski's performance, admittedly with some of the same reservations that many people shared.

It turns out that Sen. Murkowski has grown - not "swelled-up." Her resolve to protect and advance the interests of all Alaskans, and the State of Alaska, is real. Her work is effective.

Sen. Murkowski will continue to grow, and she seeks the good advice of her constituents in order to do so.

Richard H. Bishop


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