Editorial is ignorant

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Aug. 22 New York Daily News editorial titled "America's true Gold Star moms" (reprinted Juneau Empire, Aug. 22) is an excellent example of what has come to be called "the smearing of Cindy Sheehan." The Daily News editor resorts to the typical attack methods frequently associated with Karl Rove: half-truths, name-calling, assertions without evidence. Cindy has answered the various accusations that the Daily News and others have parroted nearly in unison. Cindy has been blogging on various Web sites, and interested readers can read her own account of her actions by searching for one of her blogs. The Daily News editorial flies in the face of democracy when it claims that in order to be a true Gold Star mom you must never question the president. Such an attitude is ludicrous. In America, all mothers who have sacrificed a child to a war effort are Gold Star moms, whether they agree with me, or you, or the New York Daily News. To suggest otherwise is ignorant and certainly not becoming of a nation founded on the premise of freedom.

Judy Andree


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