Health care debate raises questions

Posted: Sunday, August 23, 2009

While I am delighted that the issue of health care is generating so much passion on both sides of the aisle, and pleased that so many people are letting legistlators know their feelings concerning something that affects all of us as Americans, I fear that the silent majority will remain silent and content to sit around the kitchen table at night and complain about what has happened to them. I think politicians are counting on that. If we all spoke out about these important issues, perhaps we would have some real representation in Washington, D.C.

I think we should be asking our representatives why the president wants to rush this bill through. What impact will this have on us? If this bill passes and it turns out to be a disaster, how do we get rid of it? Are you willing to subject yourself to this health care plan or is it not good enough for you? How are you benefitting from this? Have you even read it or do you know what it entails? If you haven't read it, why are you voting on it? Even more importantly, if you haven't read it, then obviously you didn't write it, so who did write it and why would someone other than our elected representatives be writing bills that affect all Americans?

I believe our representatives owe it to us to reveal the whole plan in layman's terms and make it available to the citizens of the United States for review for one full year before it is voted upon. I don't think they want to do that, though. I think if the American people knew everything that is in this thousand-plus page document, this bill wouldn't stand a chance of passing. I believe this bill contains things that will negatively affect every American alive today, and supporters don't want to take a chance on having us get a look at it.

President Woodrow Wilson said, "The history of liberty is a history of governmental power, not the increase of it. When we resist therefore, the concentration of power, we are resisting the powers of death, because concentration of power is what always precedes the destruction of human liberties."

Tom Botts


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