Local law firm supports Whale Project

Skip Wallen's study model of humpback whale located at Juneau Arts & Culture Center

Posted: Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dan Bruce, of Baxter, Bruce & Sullivan, hands a $5,000 check from the firm to Bill Overstreet, former mayor and visionary behind the Whale Project sculpture and fountain to be donated to Juneau in honor of the 50th anniversary of Alaska statehood. Attorneys Kevin Sullivan, center, and Z. Kent Sullivan, right, accompany Bruce.

Courtesy Of Kathy Ruddy
Courtesy Of Kathy Ruddy

The largest law firm in Southeast Alaska, Baxter, Bruce & Sullivan has received awards for public service and its pro bono legal service and supports the Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary "Pillars of America Freedom" series, the Riverside Rotary Park Sept. 11th Memorial, Juneau youth sports and the Perseverance Theatre STAR program in addition to the Whale Project.

In 2010, the firm has pledged an additional $5,000 contribution to the Whale Project, a community group working with sculptor R.T. "Skip" Wallen to place a life-scale breeching bronze whale and fountain and Juneau's waterfront. The whale will rise out of an infinity pool and be surrounded by a plaza with interpretive bronze plaques, as part of the Juneau Sea Walk.

Wallen also is the sculptor of the "Windfall Fisherman" at the Dimond Courthouse downtown, and the "Gang of Four" mother bear and cubs at the DIPAC Hatchery. The "Windfall Fisherman" was a gift to the people of Juneau in recognition of the 25th anniversary of Alaska Statehood.

The public is invited to support the Whale Project with the "Buy a Brick" campaign for the Sea Walk and plaza adjacent to the sculpture and fountain. For more information, visit the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Web site, www.jahc.org/events.php.

The maquette, or study model, of the humpback whale is presently located at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center and is 1the size of what the finished sculpture will be.

The Whale Project Board of Directors includes Bill Overstreet, Laraine Derr, Kay Diebels, Nancy DeCherney, Sharon Kelly and Kathy Kolkhorst Ruddy. For more information, contact Kathy Kolkhorst Ruddy at 321-7558.

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