Juneau needs herbs and veggies instead of more flowers

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't get me wrong, I love flowers. I love the scents, the colors and the distinctive smell of fresh turned earth. But let's face it: Juneau has more flowers than it has vegetables and herbs.

In some of these newly-created concrete bins and walkway edgings, let's plant beds of colorful and tasty vegetables and scented, useful herbs. Picture beds of potato, carrots, beets, kale, lima beans and squash. And aromatic swaths of lavender, mint, parsley, Bee Balm and so many more. The list of possibilities is virtually endless.

Many of us grew up with gardens and many of us - myself included - would commit to planting, weeding and maintaining these beds. Perhaps as we do with highways, we could Adopt a Plot. Plus we have an active club of Master Gardeners in Juneau who could advise us from the placement of each genre for maximum effect of color and texture to the requirements and care of each. At the end of the growing season, everything would be harvested and added to the Juneau Market of fresh grown foods or we could come up with other innovative ideas.

If an occasional tasty veggie is uprooted, fine. We are growing them to be eaten.

All the city need do each spring is prepare the beds for planting and buy the seeds and starts. We'll do the rest.

How about it? Juneau is unique - let's capitalize on that. We do not have much land available; let's be innovative in using what we have.

Elva Bontrager


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