A reasonable settlement

Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2003

In regards to Sunday's article on how Juneau's city attorney dismissed a lawsuit claiming the city and its bus system discriminated against an Arab-American woman eating a candy bar ion the bus, I must say I reacted in disgust and shock. Perhaps it is ridiculous for the defendant in this case to claim discrimination, but it is also ridiculous this woman was berated twice by bus driver Tad Zurek, who called the police because she ate a small Snickers bar in two bites.

Without a doubt this woman was exposed to emotional duress during what should've been a simple bus ride to pick up her son. Jamila Glauber's suit alleges that Capital Transit's "extreme and outrageous actions" have denied her "reasonable access to public transportation by denying her reasonable treatment." The events that occurred on that bus ride show that Mrs. Glauber's suit carries merit. As a resident of Juneau, I am outraged that the city attorney wishes to dismiss this lawsuit. If such heavy-handed tactics are required when a passenger - an Arab-American passenger - eats a small chocolate bar, how does that tie in with the small-town pride that the residents of Juneau hold so dear? When is eating a candy bar on the bus an offense that requires police intervention? Hopefully this lawsuit will lead to a reasonable settlement for the defendant and a change in Capital Transits' draconian rules concerning eating food on the bus.

Kyle Curtis


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