Juneau X-C runners dominate Kayhi Invite

Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2003

Tyler Dinnan led a Juneau-Douglas High School sweep of the top five spots at Saturday's Ketchikan Invitational cross-country running meet on the Ward Lake Trails.

Dinnan won the boys' race in 17 minutes, 16 seconds for the 5-kilometer course (3.1 miles), followed in order by teammates Wesley Dinnan, Tim Davin, Ray Huebschen and Greg Frank.

The Dinnan twins, both sophomores, ran together for most of the race, Juneau coach Guy Thibodeau said. With about a mile to go Tyler pulled away from Wesley, who was still nursing an ankle injury from this summer. Tyler beat Wesley by 18 seconds, with Davin cruising in nearly 30 seconds later to take third place.

"They ran real strong," Thibodeau said. "Tyler pulled away on the last mile and he stretched it out at the end. They ran a little longer than last year's regional course, since we couldn't run by the lake, and Tyler was only nine seconds slower than Tristan (sidelined junior Tristan Knutson-Lombardo, Juneau's usual top runner) from last year's region meet. The course was about 15 seconds slower."

In the team standings, the Juneau boys were first with 16 points. Juneau's scoring runners were the Dinnan twins, Davin, Frank and Nils Domke, who finished seventh. Each team is allowed seven runners, with the top five finishers scoring team points.

Huebschen, a freshman who had been running eighth on the team, competed as an unattached runner and didn't score team points. Wrangell's Mike Nowell finished sixth overall (fifth among runners scoring team points) and prevented Juneau from posting a perfect score of 15 points. The Ketchikan boys were second with 61 points, followed by Wrangell with 78.

"That was a real impressive run by freshman Ray Huebschen," Thibodeau said. "Nils Domke was way back early in the race, he was running 11th overall - ninth for us - and was in the second group. He really came on in the last mile and he picked about four or five runners off in the last couple-hundred yards. Greg Frank ran a solid race and was real strong. We had a lot of guys run PRs (personal records)."

In the 5K girls' race, Crimson Bear senior Greta Thibodeau claimed first place in 20:58, edging teammate Jordan Moser by just 1 second. Juneau's Jaci Hayden was third, Ketchikan's Amanda Hammermeister finished fourth and Juneau's Jordan Harvey was fifth.

The Juneau girls won the team contest with 18 points, on the finishes of Thibodeau, Moser, Hayden, Harvey and seventh-place Lexi Garvey. Ketchikan was second with 45 points, while Petersburg wound up third with 71.

"Greta, the two Jordans and Jaci ran as a group, but Jordan Harvey's got a sore knee and Jaci has been sick this weekend," Guy Thibodeau said. "Greta and Jordan Moser pulled away about midway through the race.

"Lexi Garvey didn't do much running over the summer, but she's really running herself into shape," he added. "She popped up and was right in there for us. She's made giant strides just in the two weeks we've been practicing."

Saturday's races featured a larger-than-expected turnout of 77 runners from seven schools (Sitka was the only Southeast Class 4A school not to send a team). Sixteen Juneau runners competed in the meet. The Crimson Bears were without Knutson-Lombardo (illness) and sophomore Carly Craig (shin splints), who were the top-finishing Juneau boy and girl, respectively, at last weekend's Bartlett Relays.

"The kids are really coming around," Thibodeau said. "It looks like the boys team is setting up nicely, especially with Tristan back next week and the young guys coming along. This was not an easy course."

Juneau's next meet is this Saturday, when the Crimson Bears travel to the Sitka Invitational.


Results of the Ketchikan Invitational cross-country running meet, held Saturday on the Ward Lake Trails in Ketchikan. Schools competing at the meet were Juneau-Douglas (JD), Ketchikan (Ktn), Petersburg (Psg), Wrangell (Wrg), Metlakatla (Met), Craig (Crg) and Klawock (Kla).


Teams - 1. Juneau-Douglas, 18 points; 2. Ketchikan, 45; 3. Petersburg, 71; 4. Metlakatla, 99. Incomplete teams: Craig, Klawock, Wrangell.

Individuals - 1. Greta Thibodeau (JD), 20 minutes, 58 seconds; 2. Jordan Moser (JD), 20:59; 3. Jaci Hayden (JD), 21:15; 4. Amanda Hammermeister (Ktn), 21:18; 5. Jordan Harvey (JD), 21:37; 6. Erin Nugent (Ktn), 21:41; 7. Lexi Garvey (JD), 22:01; 8. Emily Haydu (Crg), 22:02; 9. Laurie Brown (Wrg), 22:05; 10. Rena McDonnell (Psg), 22:43; 11. Rachel Schueger (Ktn), 23:00; 12. Gretchen Dierking (JD), 23:05; 13. Brook Williams (Wrg), 23:28; 14. Kristy Brown (Wrg), 23:32; 15. Bridey Short (Psg), 24:18; 16. Ashley Borup (Ktn), 24:39; 17. Yadira Ramirez (Kla), 24:49; 18. Hannah Henderson (Met), 24:51; 19. Allison Neterer (Ktn), 25:01; 20. Keala Durgan (Crg), 25:26; 21. Samantha Clark-Smith (Ktn), 25:33; 22. Samantha Medalen (Psg), 26:10; 23. Hannah Meucci (Psg), 26:15; 24. Heather Gatti (Ktn), 26:16; 25. Margaret Hunter (Psg), 26:21; 26. Ashley Mueller (Crg), 26:32; 27. Nicole Packer (Crg), 26:35; 28. Elizabeth Harpold (Ktn), 27:53; 29. Sarah Helgeson (Wrg), 28:38; 30. Kristy Didrickson (Met), 29:17; 31. Christabella Olofson (Met), 33:01; 32. Annaliese Fields (Met), 33:03; 33. Danielle Gunther (Ktn), 33:27; 34. Brandi Hayward (Met), 37:04.

Teams - 1. Juneau-Douglas, 16; 2. Ketchikan, 61; 3. Wrangell, 78; 4. Metlakatla, 105; 5. Petersburg, 120. Incomplete teams: Craig, Klawock.

Individuals - 1. Tyler Dinnan (JD), 17:16; 2. Wesley Dinnan (JD), 17:34; 3. Tim Davin (JD), 18:02; 4. Ray Huebschen (JD), 18:21; 5. Greg Frank (JD), 18:36; 6. Mike Nowell (Wrg), 18:38; 7. Nils Domke (JD), 18:42; 8. Houston Laws (Ktn), 18:44; 9. Troy Sharp (Crg), 18:45; 10. Brian Smith (JD), 18:48; 11. Justin Jones (JD), 18:49; 12. Jake Mork (JD), 18:57; 13. Brian Taro (Ktn), 19:02; 14. Flint Allred (Ktn), 19:03; 15. Gilmore White (Met), 19:06; 16. Dylan Ashe (JD), 19:09; 17. Grant Zwingelberg (JD), 19:09; 18. Darrick Gaube (Met), 19:13; 19. Tim Peterson (JD), 19:37; 20. Phillip Pierce (Crg), 19:44; 21. Earl Ginter (Ktn), 19:52; 22. Thomas Montgomery (Ktn), 19:59; 23. Sean Maynard (Ktn), 20:33; 24. Nic Ashton (Wrg), 20:36; 25. Fred Yip (Psg), 20:39; 26. Logan Stolpe (Psg), 20:39; 27. Colin Buness (Wrg), 20:51; 28. Bryan Westfall (Crg), 20:57; 29. Marcus Robecker (Ktn), 20:57; 30. Layte Hudson (Met), 21:18; 31. David Graham (Ktn), 21:29; 32. Kenny Pearson (Ktn), 21:57; 33. Avery Grossardt (Wrg), 22:01; 34. Neil Jenny (Psg), 23:02; 35. Campbell Longworth (Psg), 24:05; 36. Thomas Andrade (Kla), 24:22; 37. Rodrigo Ramirez (Kla), 24:25; 38. Chaz Nelson (Met), 24:27; 39. Sam Thrush (Ktn), 25:11; 40. Chris Nathan (Met), 25:28; 41. Floyd Russell (Met), 25:33; 42. Kris Edfelt (Psg), 27:52; 43. Butch Gray (Met), 28:42.

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