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Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Please let me set the record straight about Ms. Bachmeir's letter in the Sunday, Aug. 22 Juneau Empire, which states that Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch did not keep his pledge to vote for his constituency. I'm an Alyeska Central School teacher and the job that I still have I owe to Mr. Weyhrauch. In January 2002 our "enlightened" governor proposed legislation to eliminate Alyeska Central School (ACS), which had been operated by the Alaska Department of Education since 1939. The Republican majority, as usual, was going to vote in lockstep. The bill to dissolve ACS was scheduled for hearings in three House committees (Education, Education and Social Services, and Finance), and two Senate committees (Education and Finance). Despite impassioned testimony by concerned parents, students, alumni and ACS teachers, it looked like the governor would have his way. The majority's minds were already made up.

Bruce Weyhrauch demonstrated considerable courage as a freshman legislator by managing to schedule a hearing before his State Affairs committee. Further, he proposed the compromise that kept us alive: extending Alyeska Central School under the Department of Education until June 30, 2004 and offering our considerable intellectual capital and educational assets to Alaska's school districts.

Rick Currier


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