Downtown street design a hazard

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I am having a small laugh every time I look at the cover of this year's new phone book. Here they have a fabulously attractive picture immortalizing three jaywalkers in the most dangerous recently constructed pedestrian intersection in Juneau.

I work downtown and am at that intersection at least twice a day in a vehicle and multiple times a day as a pedestrian. There are always pedestrians walking around that curve, right where the summer vegetation blocks them from the view of drivers. Would it detract too much from the beautiful flowers if a few signs were put up warning pedestrians not to walk out into the circle? Guess so.

And forget about walking southeast down South Franklin Street, under the marquees on the west side of course, and expecting to get to the library-parking garage in an efficient manner. Did those project engineers just not think about the fact that that route is the goal of most local residents using the area?

We have locals jaywalking to get where they're going and tourists jaywalking because the crosswalks are so nonsensically sited. I only hope it won't take someone getting hurt there before something is done, and I can stop cringing every time I see slow-moving older tourists and little kids in the middle of constant traffic riddled with huge buses and trucks.

Kathleen Bailey


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