War not the way to put gas in the tank

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Richard Kaufman in his letter to the editor Aug. 22 said, "Modern society needs oil like you and I need air," and the "The 'no blood for oil' people need to grow up too." At least Kaufman is willing to admit this war is about taking oil. As a point of fact though, taking something that doesn't belong to you is called stealing, and killing a lot of people to steal something is called genocide.

I do not dispute that modern society needs oil but we have opted to kill for it. If our need for oil justifies genocide, what about our need for food? Is it justified to mug a farmer or a grocery store clerk just because you need food? The idea of genocide for food seems preposterous, but some see genocide for oil as justifiable. Our nation is great but our leaders are so shortsighted. They see war as the only possible way to put gas in the tank.

Carl Reese


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