Many in Skagway want the road

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2005

In a recent letter, Ms. Kennedy says "We the people of Skagway and Haines" in her letter. As a resident of Skagway, I can definitely state she does not speak for me, or other members of my family or friends in Skagway. We want the road. About 250 of us said so publicly in an advertisement in the Juneau Empire.

Do the taxpayers of Alaska really want their tax dollars spent on an ill-planned, incredibly expensive, impossible to maintain and customer costly ferry system?

The ferry system is far too costly for low-income people to use. I, personally, can't afford to take four or more days off to go to Juneau for the medical, dental and visual care I need. Instead I have to take my money and make day trips to Whitehorse when I can fit them in. Can't do that with the ferry system. So much for the buy Alaska idea.

Sharon L. Bolton


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