Juneau man charged with enticing a minor

Richard Bailey, 59, has past conviction of sexual abuse

Posted: Friday, August 24, 2007

Juneau resident Richard Bailey was arraigned in Juneau Superior Court on Thursday on seven counts of online enticement of a minor.

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Juneau District Attorney Doug Gardner alleged that Bailey, 59, used a Yahoo chat room in January, February and March to entice someone he thought to be a 13-year-old girl into a sexual relationship.

"You believed that the other person was a minor," Juneau District Court Judge Keith Levy said.

That other person went by the online name of "Pinkgloss35" and turned out to be an Arkansas sheriff detective looking for pedophiles on the Internet.

Assistant District Attorney David Brower said that Bailey, who works at Home Depot, was convicted of sexual abuse of a minor in 1981.

All seven counts against Bailey are felony charges, each carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Levy did not require Bailey to enter a plea before setting bail at $10,000. The judge set a probable cause hearing for Sept. 12.

Using the name of Dee Dee Miller, Yvette Schrock of the Washington County Sheriffs Office in Fayetteville, Ark., contacted Bailey in a Yahoo chat room and told him she was 13.

"Every time I say that, people leave," Schrock told Bailey. He allegedly replied "I'm not going to leave."

Court records allege that during at least five online conversations last winter, Bailey worked to entice a minor into a sexual relationship.

Police say that in chat rooms Bailey is alaskanman58. At the time he was 58 years old.

On Jan. 22, alaskanman58 wrote to his presumed teenage victim asking, "Have you ever been with or seen a guy?"

During a series of online meetings, Bailey allegedly discussed the teenager's body and sent "sexually related pictures of himself."

On Feb. 26, alaskanman58 pushed the conversation to the next level by asking, "If we we're together would you mind getting naked with and lay together?"

The conversation grew more graphic from there.

Juneau police served two search warrants confiscating two computers and a Webcam from Bailey's home.

In court papers, District Attorney Gardner said Bailey told police he met Dee Dee Miller in a chat room, but left when she confessed her age was 13.

Schrock said that Bailey exposed himself on several occasions and masturbated once. She said Bailey encouraged "Pinkgloss35" to have sex by telling her she was old enough.

Gardner said that on March 7 Bailey wrote to Pinkgloss35, "You are ready now."

Members of a task force working with the Juneau Child Advocacy Center said that when a sexual predator is caught online there are usually many more than one victim.

"Behavior patterns show perpetrators to have many more victims out there," Juneau police Lt. Ed Mercer said.

In cases in which police catch pedophiles with officers posing as children, the 10-member task force agreed people should not see the crime as victimless.

"There is a life attached to every file," said Michelle Monts, program manager of the Juneau Child Advocacy Center.

Judge Levy ordered that Bailey not have intentional contact with children younger than 16 for the duration of his case.

Home Depot's human resources manager Glenn Mitchell said he couldn't say if it was possible for Bailey to work retail without having direct contact with children younger than 16 as the judge ordered.

Mitchell also said he had no idea of Bailey's history as a sex offender. A contracted company screens employee backgrounds while conducting pre-employment drug testing, he said.

"I didn't get a flag on Mr. Bailey," Mitchell said.

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