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Posted: Friday, August 24, 2007

Featured in illustration are, from left:

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Larry HarrisP>

University of Alaska Southeast Dean of Education and 2007 United Way Campaign chair

"Volunteering is our opportunity to do something for others while at the same time doing something for ourselves. Volunteering is a part of being a concerned human being. "

Kolene James

Woosh.ji.een Dance Group manager and UAS Native & Rural Student Center coordinator and academic advisor

"I volunteer for a lot of reasons but mostly because I've had a lot of support myself, and I'm attempting to give back a little bit of what I've received. I believe in that. It's my turn, and one day it will be the students' turn to pass it forward."

Rosemary Hagevig

Catholic Community Service executive director

"Catholic Community Service could not begin to provide the level of service to our clients throughout Southeast Alaska that we are able to maintain without the incredible assistance from volunteers that we receive in each of the communities. A measurement of 'success' for us has always been when individuals who have previously been recipients of client services return to the agency as volunteers and make a real contribution on behalf of others. "


George Subeldia

Big Brother

"I decided to join the Big Brothers Big Sisters program because I felt like I could - and should - make a positive change in the community. If I can make a positive impact in someone's life, no matter how small it might be, I feel as though I have made a difference. "

Tanya Ewing

UAS student, state employee and mother

"Volunteering is what makes great things happen; and I want to be a part of that and make a difference in this world. "

Kaiden Ward

Little Brother

"My favorite things I've done with my big brother are jet skiing, fishing and just hanging out. It makes me happy when I get to be with him."


Ruth Johnson

2006 United Way Volunteer of the Year

"It's hard to remember how I got started in the first place. My Mom was a volunteer and we always helped with whatever she was doing so I guess I just grew up thinking everyone volunteers. When my son started participating in sports in Juneau I just said "yes" when asked to help. Eventually you develop a set of skills for "getting stuff done." Juneau is full of volunteers with similar roots, I think - people helping with "everyday stuff" to make our community work."

Ben Coronell

U.S. Marshalls Office and United Way board member

"It makes me feel good to think I helped a stranger in need, and hopefully they will pass it on. If those of us that can volunteer or mentor, what a great community this would be. It would be a community I would want to raise my children in.

I found that if I help those in need ... I am paid back ten times fold. ... I am happy to know I made the difference in their lives."

Kai Kauai

Wal-Mart manager

"I volunteer is because there is no greater feeling than seeing hope in a person's eyes or knowing that you have had a positive influence in someone's life. "

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