Time to wise up

Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2002

A talk show host recently said: "Hammond must be an idiot endorsing Fran Ulmer."

Well, even idiots should be able to detect five major differences between Fran and Frank, which could tilt them her way:

• She will protect your dividends by requiring a public vote before any permanent fund earnings could be spent by the Legislature.

• She alone would reopen the closed primary.

• She alone has proposed a rational spending limit.

• She alone supports a fiscal plan concept which could close the fiscal cap with minimal pain.

• She alone recognizes a senator with 22 years seniority can do far more for Alaska in D.C. than in Juneau.

These points alone would earn her my endorsement.

But, you say, she's a Democrat. Fact is, she'd not declared party when working for me. Back then so impressed was I with her smarts and leadership I told her she'd have my vote should she ever run. Breaking that promise now should earn me even more contempt from that "dis-jockey." I'd rather be deemed idiot than liar any day.

So to all my fellow idiots who may not yet have wised up enough to support Fran: It's not a sin to vote for a Democrat. They're not all bad. Even some of those renegades who jumped over to vote for me years ago.

Jay Hammond

Port Alsworth

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