Not a good mix

Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2002

Mothers Against Drunk Driving wishes all participants in the Golden North Salmon Derby a safe and fun time. We encourage all those out on the water to do it smart. Bring a six-pack of your favorite beverage - just make it non-alcoholic.

Why? Because this year more than 800 people will die in boating tragedies. Almost 50 percent of all boating fatalities involve alcohol. Research shows that four hours of exposure to noise, vibration, sun, glare, wind and other motion on the water produces a kind of fatigue, or "boater's hypnosis," which slow reaction time almost as much as if you were legally drunk. It's not just the drivers - it's everyone in the boat. Now try adding alcohol! Not a good mix. And it certainly isn't something we need to teach little Johnny and Susie.

The salmon derby can actually be more fun alcohol-free - no memory loss of falling over that pesky net, no cuts from preparing bait, no $1,500 drunken driving fines, no five days in jail, etc.

Overall, Juneau has a pretty low awareness level of alcohol abuse effects and a high level of participation. This year, challenge yourself and others - try the derby sober and see what happens. Happy hunting.

Cindy Cashen

MADD Juneau Chapter

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