Cat back with family

Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2002

KODIAK - "Rascal" the cat has been reunited with his family after being on the lam for more than a year.

Terry and Tracy Michalski, a Coast Guard couple, drove from St. Louis to Kodiak in June 2001 after being transferred. Rascal, their daughter's 6-month-old Himalayan kitten, ran off from the Caribou Hotel in Glennallen and couldn't be found.

The Michalskis continued on to Kodiak. "My daughter was heartbroken," Terry said.

Meanwhile, back in Glennallen, the hotel this summer decided to remove cats that had been living under the building. Rascal was caught and the hotel tried to contact the Michalskis, but they had changed their cell number and it was unlisted.

Desk clerk Marylee Hannan turned to a Web site often used by those in the Coast Guard. The site led her to e-mail Terry last week. After making arrangements, she drove to Valdez and put Rascal on a plane.

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