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Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I've written several letters as well as a couple of My Turn columns over the past few months on issues that I've seen around this area as well as state and national issues. I figured I'd write yet another letter, but this time, I want some questions answered.

I've been watching these political campaign ads, and I'm kind of confused. I've always heard politicians campaigning with promises like tax cuts and breaks. This brings me to my first question. As a blue-collar worker, when I look at my pay stubs and while I'm preparing my taxes, I don't see where I'm getting tax cuts. As an average citizen, I don't see where there is a significant change in my taxes. So, who are getting the tax breaks?

I remember at the beginning of the year Gov. Murkowski was trying to get into my pocket by attempting to use our permanent fund earnings. Now wait, didn't Murkowski promise, while running for the governorship, that he wasn't going to touch the permanent fund? So, now he's trying to convince the voters that we're in such bad shape financially that there's no other solution than to take our dividends.

At the same time, Lisa Murkowski's trying to give big tourist and oil companies tax breaks. These are the only tax breaks that I've seen. On the national level, I've heard The Shrub, Mr. Dubya, talking all about the jobs he's created in the past four years. He says he's creating jobs, but where are they? The national unemployment rate hasn't gone down, so that makes me wonder where these half-million jobs he supposedly created are. But, wait, aren't there 250,000 troops overseas? I wonder what's going to happen to all of those jobs when the troops return home. So, he created 100,000 jobs when he deployed all the National Guard but, even with the casuality rate, will there at least be that many jobs to be had when the surviving soldiers return?

So, when all these Republicans talk about how The Shrub hasn't lied, I guess we'll just have to take that statement on blind faith. Just like we've been taking all the government intelligence reports, I suppose.

Sam Lee


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