Too many taxes

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Here we go again, another round of tax talks in the borough, the latest step towards our own socialist Utopia. I guess you didn't need prophetic insight to see the alcohol tax coming; it was the next logical step after the tobacco tax. Recently I read another "people need to pay their fair share" quote in the Empire. What a joke. What's next, a French fry tax? You know that fatty foods contribute to heart disease and other ailments. How about a shoe tax? After all, it's the shoes walking in government buildings wearing out the carpets. A dog tax - that of course could pay for Animal Control officers. But in the interest of fairness we would have to tax cat, hamster, guinea pig and lizard owners.

I guess my question to the city is when is enough enough? The "fair share" of taxes bar is getting higher and higher. Every three months in this town there is a new tax proposed. The problem with the city government isn't that the citizens of Juneau aren't paying their fair share, it's what they do with our fair share that's the problem. If you would truly like to stop addiction problems here, a good start would be weaning City Hall and the Assembly off of their perceived infinite money supply. The withdrawal symptoms could be disastrous though. I've never seen a study done but by in my estimation it would be easier to rehabilitate a heroin addict than cut off a politician's money.

Juneau will rue the day that they tax alcohol. I mean heaven forbid the folks in the city sober up and realize how many taxes they are paying. We could have a coup in the local government.

Earl J Lear II


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