Recent rescues in Juneau

Posted: Sunday, August 26, 2001

This is a list of some of the rescues and deaths that have occurred on or near hiking trails around Juneau since 1996:

-- Nov. 27, 1996: Ben Blackgoat, a Juneau-Douglas High School runner, died in a training accident on Perseverance Trail. He slipped on ice and fell 300 feet.

-- June 24, 1997: A Juneau man, 37, became stranded on a ledge near the Mount Roberts Tramway. It took 25 rescuers 12 hours to get him down.

-- Oct. 4-5, 1997: Two women, 41, and 42, hiked on the west side of Mendenhall Glacier to the top of Mount McGinnis. On the way down, one broke her ankle. It took 30 rescuers to get the women to safety. Some of the rescuers needed to be treated for hypothermia.

-- Sept. 13, 1998: Three young men (21, 21 and 17), two of whom were local residents, got lost overnight in the rain and dark near Mendenhall Glacier and were found by friends and family near Mendenhall Lake.

-- Aug. 3, 2000: Two hikers, Michael Hetzel of Michigan and Dr. Terrance Mulligan of New York, both 30, established a camp on Granite Creek and then attempted to descend Mount Juneau. Disoriented by mountain goat trails, they became stranded on a narrow ledge in Chop Gully just before dark. A daring helicopter rescue by TEMSCO and Sgt. Will Ellis of the Alaska State Troopers brought them to safety.

-- May 6, 2001: After taking the Mount Roberts tram up, an Anchorage man, 40, left the established trail down and fell. Residents of Gastineau Avenue heard him calling for help. It took 15 people to rescue him.

-- July 9, 2001: Joshua Shrader, 21, was lost for two days north of Sheep Creek Trail after falling and knocking himself unconscious. He was rescued by a cooperative effort of TEMSCO and Army National Guard helicopters, the Juneau Police Department, Juneau Mountain Rescue and SEADOGS.

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