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Posted: Sunday, August 26, 2001

In the old days we'd just shoot the problem bears and then there was no problem. We are talking about at most a half-dozen bears that cause all the problems. Why spend all those dollars for this dumb problem? We had a problem bear on North Douglas last year that ravaged for three miles and early this year someone had a lot of sausage made. This year and now, we have no problem. One bear.

Bob Spath


I'd like to respond to Bob Spath's (Thursday WOM) assertion that I have no idea about progress and would like ask him what his definition of progress is. My definition includes protecting a resource that supplies thousands of jobs to Southeast Alaska. My definition is about passing that benefit on to future generations. My definition is NOT about constructing a mine in there that would largely benefit Canada and would destroy a resource that thousands of southeast Alaskans are dependent on. I'd like to ask Mr. Spath to rethink his definition of progress and look at the Taku River, the benefits it gives us and what it would take to properly steward that resource for the future.

Chris Zimmer

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