'To put it bluntly ...'

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, August 26, 2002

I am a resident of the Douglas apartment building where the Dumpster-raiding bear was trapped Tuesday morning. While I was concerned about a 400-pound predator frequenting our parking lot every night for over two weeks, I would like to point out that the food reward was never removed, and with easy access to an assured source of food, the bear was only doing what came naturally.

On Tuesday morning I contacted an agent at Fish and Game to inquire why this animal was to be exterminated before attempting to discourage it with a metal Dumpster lid. I was told, "To put it bluntly, we are making an example of this bear." I don't know for whose benefit the example was being made. Perhaps the other bears?

I was also told that it was too expensive to move it, and it was raining. I also placed a call to Officer Dilley to inquire whether our complex was on the list for metal lids. I was told that several problem Dumpsters had been moved up on the list. Our Dumpster had a bright and shiny metal lid the very next day. I think it was a shame that this animal was killed; if they had waited one more day, or communicated with the person in charge of installing the Dumpster lids, this bear may very well have gone away on its own.

Jennifer Dickinson


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