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Posted: Thursday, August 26, 2004

Those readers who saw the My Turn I wrote recently about my experience at SeaTac airport while escorting my husband, who had just had shoulder joint replacement surgery, might be interested in knowing that I did receive a reply from the Transportation Security Administration.

I learned from this reply that the TSA maintains a Web site, www.TSATravelTips.us, which may be consulted by "persons with disabilities and medical conditions." For this particular case, I clicked on the link to "Hidden Disabilities and Metal Implants." The Web site informed me that persons with pacemakers should carry a special identification card. It also says that other persons who do not want to make their disabilities or implants public should 1) contact the airline before arrival at the airport, and/or 2) request a private screening.

When we were at SeaTac, we were not offered a private screening.

Ann Chandonnet


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