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Posted: Friday, August 26, 2005

I would like to respond to Mr. Fluetsch's questions was to whether we should support Eaglecrest and the Dimond Water Park with sales tax.

The answer is yes. I have lived in Juneau for 25 years, worked and raised my children here. I pay property and sales tax. I am not "well-off" but I manage. I have paid for some of the best docks and harbors in the state, and I have never owned a boat. Why do I pay for these things? Because they enhance Juneau and benefit those living here. The same goes for Eaglecrest Ski Area and the Dimond water park. Juneau will benefit from these enhancements, and these are two facilities that I will use.

Eaglecrest brings people to Juneau in the wintertime. Many times I have sat on the chairlift with a person, from Sitka, Ketchikan or someplace else in Alaska, who came to Juneau to ski. That is a benefit for the community. The Dimond water park will do the same. Juneau could host state and regional swim meets providing more revenue for hotels and restaurants. But aside from bringing people to Juneau, the most important reason for Eaglecrest and the Dimond water park is that more people in Juneau can get "active."

The Augustus Brown Pool is crowded. I know of some senior citizens that get up to swim at 5:30 a.m. because of the crowding. I know of some disabled citizens that have trouble using the pool because it is not that handicapped accessible. I know of some children who have trouble swimming because it is too hard to get into swimming lessons. The Dimond water park will help with that.

The enhancements to Eaglecrest will allow for longer runs and more fun on the mountain, more terrain for skiers and boarders. So Mr. Fluetsch, the answer to your question is yes. We need to vote yes for Eaglecrest and the Dimond water park, just as I have paid for harbors for 25 years and don't own a boat. They make Juneau a better place to live.

Karen Lawfer


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