Glory Hole belongs in downtown home

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, August 26, 2005

I saw on the statewide television news that David Summers of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce thinks the Glory Hole should be moved from the downtown "retail district." It seems to me that the "retail district" has grown up around the Glory Hole, knowing it would be their neighbor. And I also think the Glory Hole makes a greater contribution to the overall good of our community than another tacky T-shirt shop or jewelry store that would be boarded up seven months of the year. At least the Glory Hole provides a year-round service to our community.

Perhaps if the businesses who want the Glory Hole moved to make room for more retail stores spent a little more time in this facility, serving meals, or donating money, food and clothing they would have a better idea of the service they perform. How about offering jobs so some of the people the Glory Hole helps could get back on their feet.

Wouldn't it be better for these businesses to help solve the problem of homelessness than to just move it out of their sight?

Sandy Warner


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