Utility rate increases outpacing wage increase for many Juneauites

Posted: Thursday, August 26, 2010

The City Assembly has decided to raise water and sewer rates 7 percent Oct. 1 this year, and 7 percent next year. Alaska Electric Light & Power has also deemed Juneau consumers can and must afford an 18 percent rate increase, with more promised if approved.

The largest single employer in Juneau is state government. The largest group, the General Government Unit was awarded a 1 percent pay raise this year.

Who is teaching math in this town, and how can we get the people thinking that we can afford any of this to take remedial classes (no slur intended against any teachers)?

Other businesses will suffer greatly from this. So will diets. I'm sure the ramen folks will see sales spike. It's called "trickle down," or, as I'd rather call it, "s--- rolls downhill." Local merchants, now you know who to thank. Hope those expensive "think local first" ads are working for you.

Sandra Johnston


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